Romanian Patriarch Teoctist dies of heart complications

July 30, 2007

Patriarch Teoctist, the head of the Orthodox Church in Romania, died of heart complications on Monday. He passed while in a Bucharest hospital where he went through a surgical intervention for prostate earlier today. According to doctors, he died because of older heart problems at 5 p.m. Romanian time.

The surgical intervention was not an emergency one, but a programmed one. He was 92. He has served as head of the Romanian Orthodox Church since 1986.


Bessarabia mourns the loss of Patriarchy Teoctist, says President of Moldovan Writers’ Union

Bucharest, July 30 /Rompres/ – Academician Mihai Cimpoi, President of Moldovan Writers’ Union and member of the Bessarabian Metropolitan Church Council, mourns the loss of the Patriarch Teoctist.

‘His Beatitude Teoctist was a faithful servant of the Romanian Church and a spokesman of the national culture. He promoted the unity of faith and of the Romanian language in the Romanian space, backing the Autonomous Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia,’ Mihai Cimpoi told Rompres.

Patriarch Teoctist was a friend and mentor of the Moldovan intellectuals, promoting the dialogue with them.

‘The entire Bessarabia is grieved by this loss, especially as he was to visit Chisinau and bless the Romanians beyond the Prutus,’ said the academician.

According to the source, Patriarch Teoctist remains in the Moldovans’ memory as an enlightened figure guiding the thoughts of the Romanian people.

Nicolae Vacaroiu: His Beatitude Teoctist was the guide of our confidence in the future

Bucharest, July 30 /Rompres/ – Senate chairman Nicolae Vacaroiu considers that by the death of His Beatitude, Patriarch Teoctist, Romania lost a real spiritual leader of Orthodoxy.

‘I have known His Beatitude well and I can tell you that we lost a great man and a real spiritual leader of Romanian Orthodoxy. In all recent years, when moral landmarks were so few, the Romanian Orthodox Church headed by Patriarch Teoctist has further seeded in our souls faith in God and in ourselves. He was the guide of our confidence in the future. May God rest him in peace,’ Senate chairman Nicolae Vacaroiu stated for Rompres.

President Basescu bemoans death of Patriarch Teoctist

Bucharest, July 30 /Rompres/ – President Traian Basescu has joined the Christian Orthodox believers of Romania currently bemoaning the death of Patriarch Teoctist of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church.

‘President Basescu has joined the Christian Orthodox believers of Romania that have always seen in His Beatitude Teoctist a fatherly figure, whose simplicity and human warmth led him to the highest ranks of the Church. May God rest him in peace!’ reads a message released on Monday by the President’s Press Office.

According to the message, Basescu was saddened to learn about the death of Teoctist, who were the patriarch of BOR for 20 years.

‘With poise and fatherly wisdom, His Beatitude overcame the hard trials of the recent history of the Church, always taking upon himself the worries, pain and human frailty generated by an oppressive political regime. His meeting with His Holiness Pope John Paul II, for whom he felt a deep spiritual connection, will remain a moment of hope in the world history of Christianity. The first visit of a pope in a mostly Orthodox country, as well as the efforts of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church to face the challenges of a new historical cycle opened after the 1989 Revolution will always be linked to his name,’ Basescu says in his message. ROMPRES


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